Rochester: A Tale of Two Cities

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My jaw dropped a bit earlier this week when I read an article in the Democrat and Chronicle titled “Cuomo: Rochester hasn’t looked this good in decades.”  The governor made the comment during a meeting with the newspaper’s editorial board.  He was in town to announce 500 high-tech jobs coming to the area thanks to a new SUNY nanotechnology initiative. Continue reading Rochester: A Tale of Two Cities

A new era for ABC News

I grew up watching the news every night with my parents.  Before the arrival of HDTV rendered my mom’s old TV radio obsolete, we would listen to the local news as we sat at the dinner table.  When we were done we moved to the family room to watch World News Tonight with Peter Jennings.  I was that nightly ritual, plus a natural curiosity for current events, that got me into the news business in the first place.  Continue reading A new era for ABC News

The summer of the “supermoon”

There’s something really neat about looking up in the sky and seeing vast, empty space that is illuminated by the moon and stars light years away.  It makes you think about how small our planet really is in the grand scheme of the things.  Personally, it also makes me think about the small joys in my own life: nighttime fires while camping as a kid, or summer walks at night – here, or in the woods of my family’s summer home in New Hampshire. Continue reading The summer of the “supermoon”