Wearable Tech

Apparently “wearable technology” is the next big thing in the world gizmos and gadgetry. It’s what all the big electronics companies are cooking up in their secret labs. Samsung was the first major player out of the gate with its “Galaxy Gear” smartwatch. Apple has been rumored to be working on one as well. There’s something else called “Pebble” (wasn’t that a failed Motorola phone after the Razr?). Anyway, most of the models released so far all have something in common: they’re ugly. Continue reading Wearable Tech

More than a building for books

Rochester’s Rundel Library is one of those grand buildings that many people living in this city have seen or driven past, but may have never actually set foot inside it.  While nothing short of an in-person visit can do it justice, the Rochester Public Library has released a new video that provides a taste of Rundel’s many unique architectural features. Continue reading More than a building for books

Exploring the world of Gatsby

A few weekends ago I finally took the plastic wrapping off my blu-ray copy of “The Great Gatsby” and popped it in.  It was one of several Christmas presents that I had yet to enjoy, along with the blu-ray player itself.  I had been meaning to watch this film for some time.  In fact, I wanted to see it in the theater but never got around to it.  I wish I hadn’t waited to see it.  Director Baz Luhrmann did an incredible job of bringing the story to life.  I say bringing the story to life, and not the book to life, because I wouldn’t be able to comment on that (I never read it – but it’s now on my summer reading list). Continue reading Exploring the world of Gatsby

Welcome to the new “nb reporting”


It’s hard to believe that I started “nb reporting” eight years ago.  It began as a simple experiment to explore the world of blogging.  It grew into a great adventure that followed me throughout my time at Syracuse University and beyond.  It chronicled the four months that I lived in London, and the side trips to other destinations like Edinburgh and Paris.

Since then, the blog has been sidelined.  How do you top posts from some of Europe’s great cities?  I’ve dabbled here and there, always intending to post on a regular basis, but I never quite followed through.  That’s about to change.

In relaunching this blog, now on a new platform with a new design, I look forward to continuing where the old blog left off.  I will share my adventures, my passions, and my random interests – and invite you to tag along.  And if you’re looking  for the old posts, they aren’t going anywhere.  You can access them by clicking on the “archive” tab at the top of the page.  Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think of the new look!

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